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Parking App

Parking App

Agile Parking Hassle Free and Fun

Use your Phone to pay for parking One Time Registration and then use your Geo-location enabled mobile phone to pay for parking.

1 - No more Searching for Coins

2 - No worry about forgetting about expiring parking time. Notification will be sent before expiring of Parking Time

3 - No Transaction Costs

4 - Free download of the application

5 - Only one time registration

No need to add any new data. Get notification before expiry of the parking. Increase the parking time or pay at the end of the parking based of payment methods supported by parking authority.

Agile Hassle Free One Step Parking Process

Park in space enabled for Agile Parking. Start the Agile Mobile Phone App. Mobile App will tell you if the location enabled for Agile Parking.

» Just Click Parking Plain & Simple to get the cloud parking receipt.

» Patent pending system will figure out where you are parking.

» Once parked go worry free into your meeting or run your errands. App will notify you before the end of parking session.

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