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Remote NOC Services

We provide your company all the benefits of having your own Network Operations Center, without having to invest in to one yourself. All our server and service monitoring is carried out through our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC has been designed to work as an extension of your IT infrastructure. Running 24x7x365 operations and staffed with certified, experienced engineers, this Network Management Centre can monitor and maintain network devices, enterprise servers, databases and applications that may either by hosted with your hosting provider or housed in your company. In short, our remote network monitoring services keep you informed about your network's status, availability and performance of network applications 24x7.

How does our network monitoring service work?

We have located multiple servers across the globe utilizing various routes. Once your account has been set up and the server/services you want monitored are on file, your network monitoring service begins immediately. Monitoring agents will be installed on servers which need to be monitored and mission critical services will be identified and added to the monitoring list. The agents monitor your entire network to insure it is accessible, that the security is intact, and are maintaining good performance. If any function falls outside of the specified parameters, our notification process kicks in and you shall get instant alerts, so that you can minimize any down-time, malfunction or breach of security.

Our monitoring services include human verification of all services reporting down on your server. Our team is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to restart your services and/or reboot your server upon verification of service or server failure. The support engineer get's in to action as soon as they get the alert and acknowledges the same. Based on the severity of the issue and the plan that you have signed up for, either the service is restarted or the data center is contacted on behalf of you to resolve the issue. In certain cases, reboots via KVM or ROD are also performed to get the server back online.

Standard Monitoring Services

  Device availability

  Network traffic monitoring

  Protocol level monitoring

  Port monitoring

  Database monitoring

  URL monitoring

  DNS blacklist monitoring

  Web Service monitoring

  Hardware resource utilization monitoring

  Trend analysis

Value Proposition

  24x7 status reporting, exception reporting with basic inventory of your IT infrastructure

  Reduced cost of operations

  Improved service availability to businesses

  Flexible and customized engagement models

  Access to 24x7x365 monitoring alerts without heavy investment