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Cost of computing drops every year. According to Moore’s law the computing power doubles every 24 months still our IT budgets keep on increasing while our customers – internal or external keep on asking for more. IT budget in seen as a cost and necessary evil needed to do business instead of helping to business become more competitive and increasing sales. The bottom line is our customers are becoming more IT savvy and finding that IT is not keeping up. Agile Partners help IT departments become more efficient by looking at the problem from outside in than inside out.

We have worked in Fortune 500 companies and know how to put together a strategy and pragmatic roadmap to do more for less and increase agility of the IT to respond to the business and become engine of innovation for the business by providing IT solutions and business intelligence that make IT look as HERO to business. We not only do IT Strategy but are also ready to execute and put our skin in delivery at fix price projects based on the recommendation of IT Strategy or you have right to get it done by your preferred vendor.

Following are the major services we offer :

1. IT Strategy - for Application and Infrastructure Roadmap with strategy to do more with less by standardization and rationalization

2. Cloud Strategy - Help companies to develop and implement Cloud strategy with pragmatic approach to make IT organization Agile and reduce infrastructure costs by 50-60% from dedicated managed services. Strategy is to look at not areas of saving but increase availability, security and Disaster & Recovery (DR) of the current environment.

3. Mobility and BYOD Strategy - Whether IT dept likes it or not, customers and consumers are moving to Mobility and BYOD very rapidly – just supporting BlackBerry through BES server is going to quickly become thing of past. External and internal applications will be needed to be supported for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Adoption of HTML 5 and 4G wireless network will happen very rapidly Agile Partners helps customers to optimize IT investments and turn IT from unappreciated to Heros!

Are you in for the journey?